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Default Multi - Sensor Probe Recommendation for Big Pit

So I know we have the DigiQ and a Stoker ... I am looking for those that have larger pits that cook shoulders, briskets, and ribs all on the same pit... I'm looking for Probes that I can all tie into a single system. DigiQ looks good but does not appear to support more then 3? probes? And I can't tell if the Stoker will do more than that. I do not need blower fans as the pit has a very well insulated firebox.

I would like four probes that I can monitor from a computer, my smartphone OR I can look at the device and see / scroll thru temp read outs.

I did do a search on the forums and some of the posts are over 2 years old and since tech changes fast, while I am sorting through them I thought I'd pose the question again.

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