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Yes, as a judge, I score on what is presented; I have no preconceived thoughts or ideas what is good during a competition. I can't!!!! It is against what I swore to do!! I stand by that 100%!

That being said, I have seen boxes where there is MM, tubes, sliced and pulled. To be honest, it made kinda a mess for all of us to get some of each in a decent amount of time. But, it works..... It did make for a "busy" looking box and presentation.

Bottom line, if if looks good, that's the way I score. Almost every time I have scored a box, my ratings were pretty much in line with the "majority" of the table.

Now, my personal preference is pulled pork. I just think it tastes good that way.

I also try to turn in MM and tubes in the competitions that I compete in along with pulled. In my mind, that is what will look good (if we get the dam box right), and they taste good too!!

And, back to my reason for posting to begin with: I wish they hadn't change the rule/wording or whatever the heck you want to call it. I just see it as getting too liberal on what can be done with the food.

If it keeps changing, will we be cooking/judging hot dogs? I could enter that for all three catagories.

BBQ'ing is BBQ'ing; grilling is grilling. Seems like the lines are blurring.


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