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Default Is buying two IQ110's instead of a Stoker a bonehead move? (P0rn included)

The question may be moot since I just sent the payment, but I'm looking for some elimination of any post-purchase regrets here. :)

Oh, and's been a while since I've checked in, so here's a picture of the pork butt I last cooked up with my brother in law sniffing up its goodness:

I'm also not above further bribery, as here's a shot of our Christmas turkey..I am still ranked #1 son-in-law with my peruvian family after blatantly winning them over with food prowess. Food is pretty important to Peruvians and this is the only way I can compensate for my lack of spanish-speaking skills.

My setup is a 22.5" OTG that drives me nuts in terms of temperature regulation anytime I use it to rotisserie, and an 18.5" WSM. Though the Maverick and Redichek wireless temperature sensors had made life easier, I was still slave to the coals and vents at any one of our parties. Running in, out, in, out (mostly for the OTG -- the WSM is pretty steady).

You see, I have a dream...a dream where my 'cue cooks effortlessly while I drink copious amounts of bourbon, surrounded by throngs of adoring and admiring masses...women silently wondering why their men cannot be as smoky and barbecue-savvy as I. Or perhaps watching a football game without a worry in the world, knowing that perfect food was just as inevitable as an Aggie victory.

Or even a dream where I sleep peacefully as lunch is perfectly prepared overnight.

Stoker has my heart...I'm sure part of me will always want a high-tech powerhouse like that. But even purchasing a unit for each smoker, I'm still saving $200. And the reviews seem to be darn good. It seems that I'll be drilling a 7/8" hole using either system if I want to preserve the ash-catcher, so that's a wash.

I know several of you are using multiple IQ110's. Any regrets over going this route as opposed to getting a multi-pit controller?

Good to be back in the mix...

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