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Bought my 12-year old 18.5 WSM off CL for $100 and had to buy a new cooking grate. Bought my NIB 22.5 WSM off CL for $200 and sold the 18.5 on CL for $100 which means I'm out the cost of the grate after two years of steady use but I'm into the 22 at a net hundred plus the IQUE 110 I bought for it. Bought my NB Silver Smoker at a church garage sale for $25 and did all the mods to make it cook better. Sold it 5 years later at the same garage sale for $25 'cause nobody bought it off CL at $100. Bought $1000 Old Country Brazos from Academy to replace the COS. My ROI in the smoker area has not been good.
BBQ Apprentice - Old Country Brazos offset, 22.5 WSM, Various gassers, portable grills, etc.

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