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Default question on stubbs

So i read great reviews on Stubbs vs Original KF so i got some last night for today's butt cook. After lighting a full chimeny and laying them in a bed of unlit coals and applewood i let the cooker come up to temp (275F on the center of the offset). My left side analog closest to the firebox read 325F and the right side analog read 250F so i was happy with the tempz and the butt went in. So at 30 min in with both intake and exhaust wide open the temps started dropping big time!

Guage by fire box read 220, center digi temp read 190 and far side temp read 175. That is with both vents wide open and temps kept dropping.

I ended up twisting my cooker so the intake at the firebox faced north since we have a northern cool front. Its windy with gusts up to 25-30mph and temps started to rise. Its 60 F outside and temps got back to normal........but i never had to do this with KF. Any idea what went wrong?
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