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Originally Posted by Khyu80 View Post
Heya all,
I usually foil and always had a tender flat on the surface and the inside. However, I ditched the foil for the last three cooks and the surface of the flat gets hard. It's to the point where putting a skewer into the flat is tough, kinda makes that stretching noise when trying to bust through the surface of the flat. I usually run 275-300 and might be wondering if it's the quality of the brisket or whatnot. As for rub, I went light on S&P.
Is this a sign of drying out way too much? I probe when flat hits 190 and it stays tough like this well into 205 where I panic and just pull it. Waterpan, no waterpan, it's still the same. Briskets were choice, however, a lot of hard fat, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of it was hard fat. They were 8lb, 15lb, 15lb.
Please advise!
Thanks for writing us, and this is only my opinion from cooking essentially enough briskets over the last decade to equal the weight of a house.

First thing... totally resist the urge to use a therm.. even for probing. One reason is, even for me, its hard to IGNORE , the Internal Temp when you are probing. That being said, IGNORE the fact that I am using a quick them to probe my brisket (it was melted in my oven so it was worthless).

Second, you are simply experiencing the unique principles of the brisket.

Take a look at this video where I am cooking the first brisket on the UDS and a bit nervous...

at 1:42, after all my supposed experience, I let the brisket "freak me out" for a second

Let take a better look

Brisket cooked at 230 over direct coals 9 hours

As you see, like many, I thought it was burned. Had it been in my regular smoker, the Brazos or the Meat Mama, I wouldn;t even have checked it. But nervous about my new equipment, I got all weird about it.

Now I will warn you.... if I had NOT wrapped the brisket it STILL would have ended up this good and jiggly at the end... but it shows that ,many of these briskets that people come in here saying they screwed up.... are simply not ready yet.

From this video (which features my famed the Tri Level Rub Process)

My Large cook is represented here...

I hope someone is guided well by this information

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