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Default Oyster question for oyster folks

My Birthday is coming up and I want to make my favorite dish BBQ oysters (similar to drago's in New Orleans). Problem is I want to have my family/friends over to celebrate with me and try these awesome oysters and I suck at shucking oysters. In order for me to do this right I would need 4-6 dozen oysters to be shucked. I barely know how to shuck so I really don't want to train anyone else and risk them cutting themselves or messing up the oyster and I don't want to be shucking for 3 hours (yeah, I'm that bad).

Here is my possible solution and where I start to look for your help. I was thinking about scratching the fresh oysters in the shell and going with shucked oysters that are stored in oyster juice. Now instead of using the shells I was going to use mini tinfoil baking tins. I figure this could work out well.

So here are the questions I really need answered...

Do shucked oysters taste gross compared to fresh or do they work out well?

Will the tin trays work as a temporary shell or will they give off an odor as they cook over the high heat?

Here's a pic of the BBQ Oysters the last time I made them. They are so good with a cold beer, but so labor intensive for me.
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