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Default T-shaped smoker

Hey guys, I'm new to the world of smoking and I've got delusions of grandeur as to what I can do with it. Im going to put forward my proposal with the intent that you will either back me up or talk some sense into me.
Ive got my mind set on a 't' shaped UDS (like this) for the following reasons-

1. It will work out cheaper than a standard UDS as I wont have to source a kettle lid and weber shelving which aren't as cheap in Australia.
2. Ive got easy access to drums
3. Bigger cooking space for when I have many guests.

I can build the planned smoker easily and I think I will be able to get it to seal properly.
Am i making to much fuss over this or is a t-shaped smoker viable. Are their any issues that anyone knows about, I havent seen to much reference to them on the forum.
More importantly, do u think that they will be tough to learn to smoke on?

Cheers guys.
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