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Default Last 3 Briskets, help!

Heya all,
I usually foil and always had a tender flat on the surface and the inside. However, I ditched the foil for the last three cooks and the surface of the flat gets hard. It's to the point where putting a skewer into the flat is tough, kinda makes that stretching noise when trying to bust through the surface of the flat. I usually run 275-300 and might be wondering if it's the quality of the brisket or whatnot. As for rub, I went light on S&P.
Is this a sign of drying out way too much? I probe when flat hits 190 and it stays tough like this well into 205 where I panic and just pull it. Waterpan, no waterpan, it's still the same. Briskets were choice, however, a lot of hard fat, maybe 1/4 to 1/2 of it was hard fat. They were 8lb, 15lb, 15lb.
Please advise!
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