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Originally Posted by pal251 View Post
I'm getting tired of my sub part cooking knives that I have.... Today it was tough to cut up a measly onion. It's really farking me off, hehe

I am looking at the Victorinox cooking knives and they seem to be pretty decent.

Any recommendations on a general purpose knife, cleaver and paring knife along with a knife block or are knife blocks no good?
If you buy top quality you get a joyful tool for life.
If the budget won't stretch and you need cheapies, Victorinox are good bang for your buck.
Last time I checked which steel they were using, it was a brittle tool steel so be careful of frozen food or bones.
Kiwi brand make some useful cleavers.
You would be advised to by a Japanese whetstone, a dual 1000/4000 grit and practise sharpening as it will keep you happy with whatever you buy.
Cheaper, easier and way way faster than knife sharpening systems.
Checking out handles and knife feel is great if you can access them.
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