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Question 30 GAL UDS questions

Ok, I found a 30 gal drum, man they scarce...but I located one, unlined with a mind rust inhebiter, ( hoping that just a spay I can remove easy). Only one I can find resonable is a closed my only option a kettle lid? Have you guys found another option? I know that the 18" webber will work, just wondering if there's another ( cheaper) way to make a lid...

I have a friend that has welder, plasma cutter I'm good there..

I have a 55 gal UDS but I don't smoke a lot at one time, just the wife and I at home....and I have a MB electric smoker ( my first smoker) for larger smokes, so I'm thinking a 30 gal UDS will be just fine for me.....

Just thinking out loud and ya'll always guide me in the right direction....

What's your thoughts
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