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Default GFS Score!!! and whats a beef knuckle?

I have 2 GFS's on my way home from work. I stopped in just now to try some of their lump after guys recommended I try it.

They do have a small fresh meat counter now. I saw something interesting, I was going to ask you guys about it, its called a beef knuckle. Looks like a nice little roast, like a sirloin tip, but I have never heard of it. I did a quick search and it looks like thats what it is, part of the sirloin cut

I was going to pick one up if you guys said it was ok.

Then I decide to stop at the other GFS and what do I see???

A small (8 lb) brisket!!! $2.49 lb. Looked like a nice little guy so I snagged it. I have been looking for a smaller one but they are not easy to find by me. It was packed on Jan 28th.

It will be perfect for a try on my new OK Joe. I have done a few in the past on other smokers that have come out fine.

So the knuckle will have to wait LOL

SO whats the deal with them anyway??
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