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X2 on the pros and cons of the Epicurean boards...I like them a lot because they have all the benes of wood but are a lot lighter and easier to clean. They grip pretty well, you can use both sides (and one side usually has a gutter), and they are easy on the knives without getting cut up. The do bang up pretty easily, but only on the corners, as stated above. They are sold at Bed, Bath, and Beyond…the price isn’t too bad if you use the 20% discount they usually offer.

We've started using disposables in the field...took a long time to bite the bullet but I'm glad we did...expensive but worth it for us since we are a "tent" team as opposed to an "RV" team. It's hard to clean cutting boards in the field and I hate carrying dirty gear home.

As far as I know, there is only one company that makes the disposables (although there are plenty of on-line outlets), which I assume is one of the reasons they are so expensive…if that’s a bad assumption let me now. The prices may vary wildly on the boards themselves but so does the shipping…so if you are considering ordering them make sure you factor in the total cost.
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