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Default cyberq ii tech question

I am not sure if anyone has tried this or not.

I am debating between a stoker or Cyberq II. I do want to run more than 1 pit at a time.

If you take a airport express and connect it to your Cyberq II using a usb cable can you then access it wirelessly.

I have read the wireless USB hubs are expensive and they don't get good reviews consistently.

I have read a few post that state "it should work", but I can't find anyone who claims to have tried it and state "it does work"

Maybe that's a sign it won't work.

I like the cyberq II because it is more compact, but if it is going to be a pain to connect it to the internet I'd rather go with the Stoker.

I work 12 hour night shifts. I would like to be at work making money while smoking some meat. Come home, sleep a few hours and then have a party with some friends and good smoked food.

Does any who has successfully made the CyberQ II wireless have any advice?
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