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I commend you for outing yourself like that CD. I'll admit it does look like a neat gadget, but that would take some of the fun out of cooking I think, for me at least. I love playing dodge the finger.

Speaking of dodge the finger, I tried to play it drunk the other day and lost. I had a buddy come over to smoke a turkey on the day I made that turkey pastrami. I was dicing up the pickles for the thousand island and cut pretty much the tip of my finger off. So I throw the pickles the knife and the board in the sink. Grab a new board, new pickles and a new knife, hand it to my buddy and tell him to dice the pickles. I go upstairs to secure a band aid, not 20 seconds later I hear 3 people yell "hey Jason, grab another band aid while your up there." It made me feel better knowing I wasn't the only one bleeding that day. Heck the sandwiches were good no matter what ended up in there.


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