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Default Vision grill and making pizza

I thinking about getting the vision kamado grill from costco. I was initially thinking of getting a wood burning pizza oven, but I think that I'll be able to get similar results with a kamado grill at a much lower cost. I was initially looking at the Big Green Egg, but the vision kamado grill from costco is much cheaper and has the costco warranty. So, if I don't like the kamado grill option to make pizza, I'll have the option to return it. Before buying the grill with all the options, I would have a question about making pizza on the kamado grill. When making pizza with the vision kamado grill, do I need the heat deflector plus a ceramic pizza plate or just use the heat deflector as the pizza plate? When I look at the big green egg, it looks like they're putting the pizza ceramic plate on top of their ceramic heat deflector, which seems to double the thickness. For the vision grill, should I use the Kamado Joe Heat Deflector (or the vision heat deflector - the lava stone) plus a ceramic pizza plate that I rest on the grill, or does putting the pizza directly on the Heat Deflector would work (without burning the crust). I would think of doing the latter with the Kamado Joe Heat Deflector because the vision heat deflector (lava stone) seems too small. Also, not sure if the lava stone is as porous as the ceramic stone.

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