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Default My first brisket

Hi Brethren,

So, my very first brisket. I got this piece of meat at a online wholeseller of special cuts of meat, at butchers here the look like a sheep at you when you ask for a brisket. It’s a IBP 5lb point.

This brisket has been defrosting at my fridge for a while and I seasoned it 24 hours before I put it on my Q. First I tried to remove a lot of the silverskin and trimmed down the fat cap, the boning knife was really handy in this occasion. I spiced It a little bit up with some coarse chili flakes and granulated garlic alongside the obvious peper and salt. On the other hand I was a little conservative with the rub as I want really let the smoke and the tender meat do the talking.

Got up early to get my meat to room temperature and realized it was a little windy and snowy during the night. Lighted 12 briquets in my starter for a good
start. At 09:00 I was ready to throw the meat on the kettle with 3 lumbs of hickory. During the smoke I added also 3 lumbs more.

As I still had a long cook to go, we decided to just take a little walk down the river near our place. As the weather was beautiful with the snow I also attached some of the pics I took.

After 3,5 hours I wrapped the brisket with foil. In the foil was a mixture of 125 grams of butter and some the rub I used on the brisket.
The end result didn’t happen or the photo’s were phail, can’t remember. My guests and wife were very happy with the result, I personally wasn’t. The smoke ring was a big big disappointment. I expected more from the meat, it was a little dry. The taste itself was great, but not as great as I expected from a piece of meat this price.

Would I make it again? Maybe, but would prefer to go for a slow cook next time and a whole packer in order to compare the flat and point. Also would maybe make burned ends only when I get a point next time.

Thanks for reading.

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