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If you want some awesome tips and probably all the info you need on a restore, search for "The Virtual Weber Bulletin Board." Those guys have a ton of gas grill restores over there on the Gas Grills section on old gassers and new ones too. Probably all the info you need there. Where I got my plans for my mini WSM. Lots of great info on everything Weber, those guys are Weber crazy! That's a good looking grill to have to work on though for sure, expensive model. I need to do some work on my cheap little Spirit E-310.

Looks like to me all that needs replacing maybe is that very bottom piece of metal unless you just wanna bend it and spray some patching paint on. You can call Weber, give them the model and serial number and they will hook you up. I know a guy called because his table was cracked to pieces and they sent him a free one. They may do that since it looks pretty rusted and isn't that old of a grill. Weber has the best customer service around for such a large company.
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