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Default Lodge cast iron. Need some advice.

Purchasing advise that is...

I've been wanting to get some cast iron to take me back to by Boy Scout days. I'm pretty much set on getting Lodge as I don't want to take the time to find something older that wasn't really used. Plus I want to start from scratch. I want to know what was cooked in my cast iron as I'm using it, so new is the way I'm gonna go.

My question is what do you think is a good set to start with. I don't need anything large to start with so I've been considering picking up these two pieces from Amazon to start out...

I like both of these for the combos of skillet/oven and the prices on both are great. Would be nothing to pick up both at the same time. I like the sizes too since I would be using these mostly to cook sides in and still fit on the kettle or drum with out taking too much space. I figure if I want to I can always buy a 12" skillet or a larger oven if down the road I find that the two above start shrinking.

Whatdya think? Any issues with Lodge quality I should know about?
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