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Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
I can cook, I own good knives, but my knife skills are average, at best. I can do rough cutting, like you do on big hunks of meat. I can butcher.

When it comes to dicing onions and celery and such, I can do it, but slowly and not very well. I watch chefs on FoodTV dice up an onion in a matter of seconds, and know there is no farking way I'm going to get there, with all my fingers.

I'm not a big Williams-Sanoma shopper, but I had a gift certificate, and used it for one of these...

I love it. I can slice and dice like a farking pro, and not cut off a digit.

It was thirty bucks. It works. I'm not ashamed to say I use it, almost daily.

Got one for our 5 year old Nephew who obviously cant use sharp things yet.
He loves it cause he can help his Mom in the Kitchen and play grown ups.
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