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Default Weber Summit S-420 Restoration Advice (photos)

Hello all,

I recently picked up a second-hand Weber Summit S-420, and I'll be making it my pre-spring project to restore it to like-new condition. I don't have much experience with BBQ maintenance/restoration, so a little guidance would be most appreciated.

I have no problem buying replacement parts as long as it still works out to be cost effective in comparison to purchasing the grill brand new. I spent $650 on it, so as long as I can keep the cost of replacement parts in the $400-500 range I'll be happy.

I've posted some photos below. If you could let me know your thoughts on which parts need to be replaced or just plain old deep-cleaned it would be a huge help. As for the best way to give it a deep clean, what's the recommended approach? I've read that pressure washers (with some mild detergent) are the way to go. I've also picked up some Bar Keeper's Friend to make some finishing touches on the stainless steel later on in the process.

Lid: (Photo 1 + Photo 2)
Brown/black burnt spots towards the bottom of the lid near the handle. This is just grease buildup right?

Doors - Exterior (Photo 3)
There's a lot of visible smudging on the doors, most likely caused by something the previous owner was trying to clean it with. The doors are currently being held shut with a piece of elastic because the magnets have become detached from the inside of the door (additional photos to follow)

Inside of Doors + Interior Assembly (Photos 4-8 ):
The next few photos will explain why the magnets can no longer hold the doors closed. The Interior of Doors and Bottom Panel appear to have rust damage. The bottom panel is actually starting to peel upwards. Wasn't this panel supposed to be constructed of steel? What material is peeling up? It can't be paint right? Not looking good here...

Is it recommended to replace the bottom panel and both doors? This area is my biggest concern.

Since this would be a pretty major replacement, I would assume that I'd have to take the whole grill apart. Are there any additional factors I should consider before doing something like this? For instance, maybe there are some connecting parts that appear to be in solid/acceptable condition (i.e. left and right frame assembly) that wouldn't normally need to be replaced but have rusty/stripped screws. I just don't want to start taking this thing apart and coming out with more problems than I started with.

Handle Light (Photo 9):
This piece (along with the knobs) are stained and discolored. Is this something a pressure washer can take care of, or would I want to replace these?

Grates/Flavorizer Bars (Photo 10):
I should be fine here. From what I've read, it is best to turn the grill on high with the lid closed for about 15 mins, then remove any remaining particles with a brush. Is that right or will I want to go a little deeper here?

Anything else that I didn't mention? I forgot to take a photo of the side burner, but I can post that at a later time. No immediate concerns there.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions. If you need additional info or would like to see photos of parts or angles not already pictured, just let me know. I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can do with this! I plan on getting started in the next few weeks or so as soon as this nasty winter is gone for good.

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