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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
Has anyone actually tried to part out a butt and cook individual parts separately and see if there's any kind of advantage? My gut tells me that a piece of pork, no matter if attached or detached is going to need time to render and cook completely anyway, but if that's the case, then why the no parting rule in the first place? There's a lot of folks who are saying they're not changing anything. Surely there are also others that will.

I'm fairly new to BBQ and definitely new to competing, so take my comments as you will, but I have to wonder why all the fuss if it's not going to matter one way or the other?
I was attempting to answer this question because as near as I know, even in catering, I am the only one that does... and all the while wish I had of done it before when I did compete... but then again, I rarely went into pork territory in those days unless I was "Rib Rangerin' it."

I used to for instance suck at chicken while I did well in ribs and brisket. So some people may just not turn anything in.. a better strategy is to turn SOMEthing in, LOL. You'd be surprised how well a lawrys seasoned chicken half can do. LOL

Didn't y'all have the same consensus when that KCBS chicken salad rule came out? We all pretty much said, some will do it, some will do as they were doing it. Then "the pillow" was released. LOL

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