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I trust this is not directed at me. I can only assume it is because I am the only one that mentioned "catering."

I cautiously prefaced my post with the understanding that it was from a catering "perspective" and did so mostly not to ridicule the competitor (which I have had success in both worlds), but offered the technique mostly because since it was not legal before, someone may want a starting point since I have been doing this for a while. I certainly did not insinuate that anyone did not know how to cook. Please inform me where I said this?

This particular dish... essentially a portioned butt.

I also said I had no idea if it would win... only that it was really good. It had never been tweaked to win a contest because it would not have been legal.

As far as competition I go way back as Rick Flair... several of us do... so far back we NEVER thought injecting would be legal. Not incidentally, wrapping a but super tight THEN injecting it is a technique caterers have used for years LONG before injections were legal... and now that's an acceptable technique in competition.

Simply put, for those that want to, the Shake IS a good starting point for those that want to experiement on portioned cuts from someone who knows the process... just like people used to come to me when I injected, because I had.... and near my neck of the woods it was not koshur.... and no one else had the balls to bend the rules.

Originally Posted by Muzzlebrake View Post
I am really getting a kick out of all the people that are saying this is catering to people who know nothing and don't know how to cook. Some of the folks I have been talking to that are most excited by this change are very well established cooks with enough statues, barreltops and crowns to fill up a room.

The other thing I'm amused by is everyone worrying about something they aren't going to be doing. If you like what you are doing, stick to your guns. If you want to experiment and start doing something different, then go for it, the new rule allows you more flexibility.

Personally, I am not seeing a whole lot of advantage in cooking all the muscles separately either grilled or cooked slowly but I have not done a lot of experiments either. Most of us have adapted our processes to already accomplish what this rule change seeks to do. I still think that this just gives cooks some more leeway to be more creative, which i think is a good thing. I'm as worried about pork fatties as I am brisket burgers and chicken salad.

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