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Found some matches.
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Default In need of help brothers

Allright right to it I just made my first UDS and can't keep a steady temp for more than an hour. Serious fire issues. My wife would like me to bbq a pork shoulder for a party on march 10th. I can't even keep this damn thing lit much less have any practice.

Drum has 4, 7/8" holes 1 inch from the bottom
Fire basket is a 12x12" expanded metal and about 10"high and offset from the bottom by about 1"
Used Kingsford competition and also some lump charcoal with Hickory chunks.

Lighting methods used
1st time - burnt it all to coals and tried that - yeah no go since I can't add
2nd time - filled up basket with charcoal and some wood chunks - lit some wood in my chimney and put the coals on top of the unburned stuff. worked better but not for long - maybe not enough fuel??

I did put a water pan in mine - and used it both times

Temp wouldn't go above 200F unless the lid was moved to the side and had a 3" gap in a crescent shape from the lid being moved over.

Put the lid on with the 2"? threaded hole and it died and smoked way too much - temp drops.

About to make this thing into a plant holder and buy something.

Give me hope please

I actually have a few ideas but any advice is much appreciated.
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