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I respectfully disagree with the comments on why would anyone expect a Contest Rep to recommend anyone for taking their job. Have you seen their job?? :) It isn’t really the greatest job in the world. The pay is not that great, they have to deal with any and all issues many of which have nothing to do with their job description, weather issues, travel issues, contest organizers overbooking judges and upset judges who now are not needed, hauling a half a ton of stuff around through own vehicle or rental not to mention getting it all through airports if flying to event - laptops and printers and all the needed paperwork through airports, time away from work and family for up to 4 ½ days per week, etc etc etc And yes I have asked about becoming a CR and been meet with enthusiasm by each current CR I have spoken to about this and their thoughts on the job. This would be three CR’s I have spoken to in past year. Each very enthusiastically said go for it and felt I should try to become one. Blowing smoke? Don’t believe that to be the case. I think some of them don’t like having to be on the road numerous weekends. I also think some are getting burned out for lack of additional people. I also see issues with more contests being added and not anyone stepping up to the plate to help. CR’s are not without a life expectancy. So there needs to be replacements for them coming up through the ranks. Having watched one in particular very closely at several events to get an idea of what I would be in for if I chose to go this route, there would be NO WAY POSSIBLE to rep and cook at same event. He is the energizer bunny. He’s finding power for a team that cannot get any, water for another team that is lacking a connection, filling forms, handing out replacement boxes as needed, assigning team numbers to teams, putting team number on each box, ( 100 team event x 4 boxes = 400 writing a team number on a box lid), then printing off dummy numbers to cover those number and connecting the dummy number to the team number in the system, checking in teams, verifying with each team the clock he is using and the time he has shown, verifying turn in times conducting team meetings, conducting judges meeting, conducting table captain meetings, helping with scoring entry into computer, confirming teams do not if at all possible land a second box entry onto a judges table already that has had an entry from them in another category, assigning judges to tables and dealing with those extra judges who were told to show by contest organizers, trying to please judges, teams and public – seen people come to him and complain to high heaven they are pissed off they can’t sample any of the bbq and blame him for this rather than contest organizers taking it all with understanding - and numerous other duties. Herding cats comes to mind when I think of this job.
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