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Originally Posted by Fishawn View Post
I won't/can't answer for all obviously, but IMO the "meatloaf" is basically ground beef..... A lot of folks add stuff to them, including me (breadcrumbs, eggs, cracker crumbs, panko, veggies, etc.) and go from that point (oven, smoker or BBQ) with the later 2 preferred for us...... IMO A Fatty is basically ground pork sausage, which is either smoked or BBQ'd alone, or is stuffed with good stuff you like (mushrooms, cooked bacon, ham, eggs, cheese, olives, onions, peppers, etc. but there are no rules in stuffing one, beside food safety) and sometimes bacon wrapped on then smoked or grilled to the correct temperature..... IMO, they are a blank canvas as long as proper cooking temps are followed.
You are expressing the situation far better than me. Whether you are using pork or beef or for that matter turkey chicken or rabbit you have a blank canvas. I believe my first attempt at cooking 3 fatties was just gathering experience. My wife has raised a legitimate issue that a fatty may be dense but meatloaves are better balanced. Let us move on and experiment. It is all fun!
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