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Originally Posted by SirPorkaLot View Post
Yes...I am the master of absurd, bold, all encompassing statements

It is my opinion that KCBS lost their way long ago, and they no longer represent true BBQ.

Bold or absurd - it is truth, as I see it.

Now am I suggesting that no one in KCBS can cook BBQ?
No..that is not what i said.

However if there are 1,000 cooks that are actual pitmasters, and 10,000 cooks who are not, but would love to give KCBS their money...who do you think KCBS is pandering to?

Again it is my opinion, that what is on the competition circuit these days is a long ways from BBQ.

Candied ribs, cupcake chicken & grilled pork is not bbq for example, at least not the way I see it..and this was the point of my post.
Then perhaps leave the "while you folks" comments out of your posts and direct it at KCBS.

I cook what needs to be cooked at competitions according to the rules provided, call it BBQ or not.
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