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Default Re: Ugly Drum Smoker

Originally Posted by IrishSimon View Post
Hey man! I'm in Ireland too.....Dublin to be more precise! What are you cooking on?
I tried a UDS last summer but messed it up in a SERIOUS manner! Having difficulty with sourcing a 55 gallon for a second attempt. Let me know how you are getting on and if I can be of any help in letting you know where I went wrong get in touch.
Hey Simon.
Im in dublin too.

At the moment im not doing any cooking as im apartment living.

Luckily we have a place in the middle of nowhere in wexford so will get the uds up and running down there for, hopefully, some good summer cooks.

Ive emailed a few commercial suppliers of steel drums but have had no responses yet. I used to work for kerry group and could probably get some food grade drums from down listowel direction....
Where did you get your first drum from?

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