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Originally Posted by Wampus View Post
The big question in my mind is.....IF teams start parting out the MM or tubes and start winning, then are those that do not part out missing the boat?

In other words, if parting DOES offer a distinct advantage (and I'm not necessarily saying it does), who'll follow the crowd? Is being a "purist" only leaving points on the table?
Not to offend anyone, but I part mine in another sanctioning class during the cook not to have over cooked product and get great scores. This just happens to be legal in that sanctioning class. I do not do this in KCBS, but I am a team who will part most of it only leaving a small part attached. I can say that KCBS is very tuff to have the perfect MM and the erfect chunck or pulled at the same time.

Agail I follow the rules in KCBS when competing in a KCBS event, but just knowing it is easier the other way to have great pulled and MM it has to be a temptation for teams to seperate the pork butt, With the fact that there is no way to police this, unless KCBS starts doing a pre turn in meat check, I would say to have peice of mind that everyone is on the same playing field, then they would need to allow the parting.

I know this might not be popular in here, but I am for it. It just gives us all peice of mind that no one is breaking a rule that I follow causing some form of unfair advantage.
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