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THe hard fat is usually the fat that sit's between the point and the flat of a whole packer. Some times, there is hard fat on the fat cap over the fat, but it's usually only a little.

As far as your issue, I think that you went to fine of a grind and you didn't chill the meat and attachments long enough. 20 minutes isn't very long. I leave all of my attachments in the freezer unless I'm actively grinding and put the housing attachment in the freezer first thing in the morning that I plan on grinding.

I also freeze the meat for at least an hour and usually cloer to 2 and mixing it periodically during that time to make sure all of it is getting as close to freezing temp as possible. Also, using a stainless steel bowl helps concerning getting the bowl very cold also.

I also put the stainless steel bowl inside another bowl with ice in it while I'm grinding to make sure it stays very cold.

I also agree with mixing other cuts in with the brisket. I have been doing a 50/50 of brisket and chuck lately and am really liking the result.

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