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Default Ground Brisket Burgers

After recently buying a new meat grinder I decided to make my first attempt at brisket burgers. While the result was good, it was not as good as expected.

Of particular concern was the texture of the burgers. They were a bit grainy, almost like there was very fine sand in the meat. This wasn't overwhelming, but it was not what I expected. Here is the process that I followed:

I bought a small brisket flat at Costco.

I cut it into small (1" - 2") cubes.

I did not trim off any fat from the brisket.

I put the meat and the metal parts from the grinder in the freezer for about 20 minutes until everything was well chilled.

I then ran the meat cubes through the grinder using the smallest grinding plate. The meat ground up well, and the fat didn't smear or mix into the meat. The end result looked good, although it was a bit fattier than I normally like.

So what should I do to improve my outcome? Different cuts of meat? Trim the fat?

Thanks for any suggestions that you can offer.
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