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Originally Posted by Butcher BBQ View Post
Pork: Pork is defined as Boston Butt, Picnic and/or Whole Shoulder, being one piece, weighing a minimum of five (5) pounds (bone in or bone out).

I have been reading and listening to everyone say they can part the pork out after inspection. Where does it say you can do that? If its not 5lbs its not a pork butt. If you piece it up into the MM and tubes it can't be 5lbs, so you admitting you are willing to cheat to win.

Please chime in and help me read the rule in a different way, cause I don't see it the way most are.
I won't tell you what I think, but I will tell you why I think some people interpret the new rule to mean Pork can be legally separated after inspection.

The 2013 rule contains language that requires pork to be cooked whole, as well as prevents meat from being returned to the cooker once it's parted. Both items were removed from the 2014 rule.

Regardless of intent, I don't think it's unreasonable for a cook to interpret that parting is now legal since language that prohibited the practice has been removed.
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