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Default Carne seca doughnuts anyone?

I normally don't cross-post in the regular forum. Actually, I normally don't cook for Q-Talk at all unless someone decided to make a cooking show out of it. I'm wondering why that didn't happen this time. Anyway, this was just too goofy not to share here. For some reason I got very lucky and my wife picked up a chuckie to make some carne seca. I love carne seca, but it is very hard to find here. We haven't adjusted the recipe to this yet, so don't be too shocked. The recipe begins with a good boiling. This is a Pitmaster T type of Texas boil with lots of spices that get infused into the beef. After a couple hours, we take it out.

and shred it by hand.

This is mixed with two cups of the juice that we created from the boil and again reduced, then spread on a cookie sheet

This is mixed with salt, chile powder and put into the smoker to give it some smoke and dry it out.

After a few stirrings, we end up with something that is heavenly.

I absolutely love carne seca chimichangas, and this was a super treat. I'll just show the pics, cause it's pretty self-explanatory:

Now that was one of the best chimichangas I've ever had, but that's not the full story because with all that hot oil about someone decided to make some doughnuts.

Maple-frosted and coconut were the two favorites, mmmmmmm

Those were yummy

But where's the fun in that when you have carne seca just waiting to be explored. So, aside from the traditional doughnuts, we feasted on these carne-seca doughnuts (TD pic below):

Yes, I did say carne-seca doughnuts. The frosting is made of Sweet Baby Rays and Sriracha. We added a bit of powdered sugar so the frosting would set. I know most of you like sprinkles, and what better sprinkles than BACON.
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