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J, when i cooked a couple events on 1 WSM i had the big meats off by 7AM. clean out the bowl, reload with fresh charcoal and ribs on by 7:30A.

it's been a few years since i ran that program, but i think i put brisket on @ 8P, and pork @ 1A(wrapping the brisket at the same time and go to bed for 5 hours.

i'd get up @ 6A and wrap the butts and check temps.

again, it's been a while so those are general timelines. if i was a better cook at the time, it probably would've worked out OK with some tweaking, but i was just starting .

now i cook on two WSM's and the big meats can cook as long as they need, but i'm always sure to give myself enough time to have them done by 10A and resting.
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