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Originally Posted by boogiesnap View Post
hows your chicken box looking? it's almost TIME!!!

my honest opinion, you are a bit behind/cutting too close. plus, you NEED sleep.

i start the big meats quite a bit earlier and time it so they wrap either right before sleep or first thing waking, 6A ish ideally(jaskew knows how that works). ribs around 7:30A, rather rest them than run out of cook time.

look forward to see how it turns out for you, but those are my 2 cents. i cook on WSM's as well.

*edit* duh, you're 3 hours've got plenty of time for chicken.

No worries and thank you for the advice, what time do you shoot to remove each meat, rest time and then ready to box?

This is the formula I need to work on.

Using chicken for example I'm shooting to start at 9:30am. I have a consistent 2 hour cook time from raw to its ready to be boxed. This would leave me a 30 min buffer. My box is ready to go and all I need to do is place the meat in the box, fuss a little of the presentation and turn it in.
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