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Default Pink Salt and Pastrami

Well I have decided to make the pastrami from scratch this time and I have a few questions.

I remember a lot of what I was taught by my Mother during potty training, so I think I know the difference between #1 and #2 but it cant hurt to ask, right?

1. I got some pink salt but I am not sure if it is #1 or #2. Does it really matter if I am going to smoke it anyway? I think #2 is mainly for sausages and meats that are not cooked but wondering if it would work for a pastrami.

2. I have a 14.85 lb. whole packer. I plan on trimming the brisket of most fat, but was wondering about whether I should separate the point and the flat or just try to remove the deckle and not separate them. Perhaps, just cut the brisket into (3) pieces to make it more manageable.

I tend to like a little more fat than most people and it seems like it would be easy enough to remove a little fat before serving.

Any reason why I should not do the whole packer?
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