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Originally Posted by Red Valley BBQ View Post
This really doesn't help. If the need is there to protest it may help to at least give us some basic info. If Sandy took the time to send out an email then she obviously wants her side of the story known or she wouldn't have done so. I understand if there is hesitation at divulging the entire email, but it's only fair to give the people you are asking to protest some info. Having more teams with signs will drive the point home. More of the public will see those signs and possibly engage in conversation as to the meaning. Waiting until after the comp would seem to defeat the purpose and limit the scope of the protest.
I'm not sure if Samdy wants us to intervene in some manner, but I would agree with you that she wants her side of the story out there. With that being said :

I have been putting off writing this email for some time now but I guess I finally have to write it.
Let me start from the beginning. Last May 18 th I fell and broke my left hip and arm. Had surgery the next day to replace the hip. Recovery was going well and I was to return to work by mid July. After a couple of weeks the pain got worse and I found out that I had also broken my pelvis. I returned to the hospital to have it repaired and after 3 more surgeries the Dr. said he could not repair it and sent me by ambulance to the Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, the Rubin Institute for Joint replacement. This was my fifth major surgery. They rebuilt my hip and pelvis. After a week in the hospital I went to a rehab here in Salisbury for two weeks. Started therapy when I came home. Dr. said it could be two years before I would be 100%. The County could not let me return as Tourism Manager so I had no choice but to retire. I was so upset, I was so depressed I loved my job. But I think what upset me the most was having to give up Pork in the Park. At my retirement party my boss, Gary Mackes, I know some of you have met him, announced that I would still be doing Pork in the Park. I was happy at that announcement. I just couldn't bear not doing it and not being with all of you again this year. In December my assistant, Steve Miller called me to go over Pork in the Park and how we were going to handle it. They wanted me to have no contact with the judges or competitors prior to the event. They just wanted me to work the two days of the event. I said I need to be available for these guys before the event and they said no I couldn't do that. Now I know it wasn't Steve saying this but he is being told to make me this offer. I wasn't happy with it after what Gary said at the retirement party. I told Steve to put it in writing and send it to me. That never happened. The next thing I heard he and my former Secretary were going to a contest in Florida to learn how to organize a competition. I think I could have done that.
Well I know now that they are not planning to have me involved at all. I have no idea why. I have not heard from Gary or Steve.
I am physically able to do it. I am recuperating well. Am walking now with a cane. So that is not excuse they can use If I am not there non of the crew I used to help me at turn in, judges, meat inspecting will be there either.
I would never desert that event it is my baby. So whatever they tell you about why I am not there I wanted you to know the truth from me.
You now will have my new email address and can stay touch. I want to come out during the Festival to see all of you though. Please know how sorry I am that they don't want me to be involved. I miss all of you.
Fondly, Sandy Fulton
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