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I ended up having to go back to the ER and have been back for about an hour and a half, due to "post lumbar puncture headaches" (PLPHA) which is caused when there isn't enough fluid building back up to replenish what was drawn out for the sample. When I was laying flat, my headache eased off but as soon as I went vertical, it was like someone wailing on my head with a steel pipe. They ended up doing a blood patch, which is where they refill the spinal membrane with blood, of which I had already read HORROR stories about how bad they hurt and feel. Wasn't bad at all. I feel like a brand new man now...although that could be the vile of morphine they gave me for pain.

I figured I'd spare you guys and girls all the gory nasty stuff. The brisket will be smoked one day this week or next. Patience, patience. You will have pics!
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