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Default Re: We need more KCBS Reps up here...

Originally Posted by YankeeBBQ View Post
I don't disagree but the reps are the ones that see the judges and teams that are most involved with KCBS comps. I know there are some areas we are actively seeking reps but I'm not on the rep committee and couldn't tell you where exactly those areas are.
They do see the judges and cooks and usually know what is happening at every comp but that is a poor rule that needs to be changed. Nobody wants to recommend their replacement.

I just think it absurd that some of these events have to spend money to fly reps in when they can barely get money for a prize pool.

If KCBS wants to expand they need to consider how their rules effect these areas.

Don't get me started on why they are allowing two events on the same day in MI where we have to fight just to get enough teams to meet the minimums at almost all events.
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