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January 2009 to December 2009

Baskets or Fire Rings
Barbarian’s framed firebasket Liftout rack
Weisers No Weld Fire basket with shaker
Sfbbqguy’s Pizza pan ash catcher idea
SmokinD’s Basket with Handle
Mark’s Small Drum Basket
Phubar’s Basket Design
Jlough69’s Sherman Tank Basket
Trb’s basket and his stout assed hinge

Best Laid Plans
BrentB build several UDSs will letting a vintage Corvette deteriorate in background

Burn Outs
BoBoQ “Does this need a burn out or am I good to go?”
Busted Knuckles Burn
Ferntj’s Burnout
Barbarian Extended Burn Outs
BBQ Wildcat asks for solutions to the DREADED Red Liner
Jtwisted13’s burnout
Jtank70s burnout
Hotandcold shows us good photos and good welds
Phubar’s Mini UDS Burn Out
Quiet One’s Top 12 Burn out tips

Draft design Nipples, Holes and Thangs
Barbarian’s tip on how to tighten those pesky nipple nuts using a shower valve socket
Barbarian’s Flex Stacks
BBQ Bubba’s Magnet Draft Control and Advise on drinking and drilling
LD McGee’s Slider Draft Control
Jtwisted13’s adjustable draft control.
Pinghackers UDS with alternative to welded nipple and updraft pipe
Smokin D UDS Build 2 with interesting draft inlets that are progressive sizes

Drum care

Thawley on Burnouts, Red patina and overall paint commentary
Weiser on regular ole Krylon Paint (non-high heat)
JTank70 theorizes about an external “seasoned” finish
Highchief’s painting Flames

Food Pics from the UDS
Coyotero’s First Brisket Smoke in New UDS
Smokin D’s First UDS Cook – Chicken thighs
CigarBque’s Chicken on UDS 2.0
H20loo’s Sour cream and brown sugar coffee cake with a bit of Maple smoke! Made on the UDS
garyK1398’s Brisket on UDS
BBQ Dude’s Tri Tip
Skidder’s Ribs
Skidder’s Butt, Sausage and Wings
Lazy R’s UDS Food Pron

Barbarian starts a fire in one minute with weed burner
Masiewiz asks about temp problem (too hot) on his Frankenstien UDS N8man answers a few posts later about fire management (must read for those with this problem)

Geek Stuff
Bbq Lover’s Pellet Pooping Stainless UDS
Smokin D’s Thermo Hose Barb Adapter and Turkey Fryer Therm MOd
Barbarians Therm adapter solution (Bolt)

Hardware (Handles, stacks, Wheels and What Not)
Barberquer’s suggestions for therms
Barbarian suggests Eye Bolt for Upright Intake support
Jtank’s hardware collection displayed as they discuss basket height

Just Lid Mods
Weiser’s Lid Easy Close Lid Clamp Idea
Jaronimo’s easy Lid Ring Closer Clamp thing
Dedmete’s Extended Lid design
CigarBque’s Uniflame Dome Lid Mod
Jtwisted uses tarp hook for Lid Holder
Headrush discusses Uniflame mod that is Lid attached to existing flat lid
Jswordy compares BOTH the Uniflame and Weber Lids side by side.
Lazy R’s Cut off wheel for his Lid Mod

Just Shotz
La Smoker’s Harley and LSU Uds’ Beauties
DaveT’s Stainless
Rodsboots UDS
Ninesixteen’s UDS
Radical Ricks UDS
CigarBque’s UDS Smoking next to Cold Egg
Leanza’s UDS
SmokeNbeers triple UDS Crew
BarberQ’s Beauty of a UDS
Sterlingsmoker first Drum
GaryK1398 UDS done
Norcoredneck shows his NTTAWWT Light in the Loafers, Rip Taylor, Rainbow UDS
Swampr shows us the Behemoth 96 gallon (26 incher) UDS (With David Klose)
Jtank70s finished UDS
LA Smokers Pretty Blue Thang
Grillsgonewild’s UDS Finished
DeezDrama’s BigUgly
PaulB’s Stainless “Pretty Thang” Dang!
Kusojijii’s UDS with Thick Massive Cock
PaulB’s Stainless with Therms and finished
Steve miller’s UDS
Wingnut’s Christmas Gift

Mods, Tables and Extensions
Firestick’s Rotisserie
Norcoredneck’s 5 foot tall Weber Kettle
Beerwolf’s 4 foot Weber Extension.
Barberque’s incredibly beautiful flush rivet and Therm Mods (with first smoke pron)
Wingnut’s UDS with Mary Poppins Mod
Jtwisted shows us how to make add ons from old ****
Manicmonday (a prince song written for Sussanah Hoffs cuz he was bangin her) sticks his cork in the nipples and also uses an interesting welding vise on his Drum Ring
Skidders AWESOME Weber Lid holder and Geek Shelf
Skidders awesome wood shelf
Skidders Poor Piggy 2 UDS Ext with Rotisserie, duel shelf is finished
Phubar’s Love Rack and Harem
Jethros Double Stacker UDS
Phubar’s Handles and Extended Drum Locks
Bbq Jim’s Rotisserie Retrofit with PRON

Shelf design
Smknok’s AWARD WINNING adjustable shelf trinity design.

Start to Finish (These guys gave pictorials from soup to nuts)
Quiggs UDS Build with Weber Top
Jtwisted UDS Done
Philly Q Master builds drum on an extremely green lawn, then ends pictorial with beautiful ribs on the ugliest china I have ever seen
Firecracker jack’s UDS
CtBeerBq’s New Drum
Nomorecoop’s Buckeye’s UDS
Bobsuosso’s Drum
Sizzlepigs Drum
Highchief’ UDS
EvilTwin v2’s tall ass UDS
Ssnsocalfan’s UDS
Burt starts building
Lazy R’s Excellent Start to Finish UDS Post

Tools Needed
Burt talks about the Unibit (drill that is a stepped set of progressive drills)
Burt talks about using acetone to strip the outer paint
Lazy R’s Cut off wheel for his Lid Mod

UDS Freaks of Nature (at times they may be links posted within the UDS Thread but be sources outside our Forum)
3000 Post thread secured by someone who didn’t even recognize it. Where was Swampr?
Sumo Pig’s UDS Manifesto begins
Sumo Pigs Pictorial Manifesto

Worthy Advice from the Masters of the UDS (These are sometimes subthreads of the UDS thread)

Norcoredneck and Weiser get in a pissin’ contest but Norcoredneck loses all credibility by pulling the Spruce Goose Card (which was NOT a failure!!!!)

Certified KCBS Judge
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