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Originally Posted by hogsfan View Post
First off off, you can disagree with me, but don't call my comments absurd. I've owned both grills, remember? I speak from experience just as you do. You can disagree but no name calling, please.

Also, don't put words in my mouth. I am also not comparing it to "any high end kamado"...I'm specifically talking about BGE. and I'm not even debating "Egg vs Akorn." I didn't say the Akorn was better. I just don't agree with your throw away implication that the BGE is so much better. In my experience they are clearly in the same league...even the same ball park.

Now the komodo kamado...THAT thing is definitely in another league. lol.
Duly noted. It was not my intention to call names or put words in your mouth. If I came across the wrong way, I apologize.

Enough of this discussion, I have to go get my neighbors to help me move my big, heavy, fragile egg so I don't break it.

You guys carry on talkng about this pellet grill!
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