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Originally Posted by JD McGee View Post
I have heard from a few event organizers that they would like to have their events sanctioned by KCBS but it is too expensive to bring the reps in from out of state. So...we need more reps up here in order to grow the KCBS community. From what I understand...this is the procedure for becoming one...please let me know if this is still the preferred way and hopefully a contact at KCBS to get the ball rolling...

"A candidate must train under qualified reps at a minimum of four sanctioned contests before earning his or her "wings". Under the
reps' supervision, a trainee is expected to satisfactorily perform all of the tasks both those behind-the-scenes and those in the public eye a rep would normally do during the course of a contest. After each contest, the
candidate's performance and knowledge of the rules are critiqued by the supervising reps. Ideally, a candidate will train under as many reps as possible in order to be exposed to a wider variety of reps' ways of managing a contest. "Reps in training" do not have expenses covered by the organizer."
First you have to get a current rep to recommend you. No you cannot not train to be a rep or be a rep at a contest you are cooking.

Then You must meet the following requirements:
1. Attend KCBS CBJ Class and become certified barbecue judge. Supply Date: _______

2. Establish 3 years tenure with KCBS sanctioned contests. Member since when? _____

3. Participate in a minimum of 5 sanctioned contests three consecutive years (minimum of 15 total contests) yes no (circle one) Approximate number: _________

4. Judge a minimum of 10 contests in three year tenure. Approximate number of contests in last 3 years: ___________

5. Table captain a minimum of 2 times during the three years: Name at least two contests where candidate served as a Table Captain: _____________________________
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