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Default 2nd attempt at over night brisket

Been lurking for a few months decided to join in the fun.
A little back ground. I got my first smoker this past summer(18.5 WSM) and have been enjoying it ever since. I think I enjoy the whole process of preparing and smoking/drinking then the eating. I enjoy the getting friends and family around to eat what I have cooked.
My experience has been a handful of butts. And it took me till the 3rd one till I got it to the point where I would feel comfortable enviting people over. Pork ribs I've done 3 times and they have improved but still just not there. But I think it was mostly due to time constraints and people looking at me like they are dying of starvation. So a little patients next time and I think my pork ribs will be damn good.
This is now my 2nd whole packer that I have done. First one turned out pretty good. Actually much better then I hoped. I think I pulled it maybe a half hour to an hour too soon. Temp was 205 and probed like budda in the point but the flat was just not quite there. Was worried about the high IT temp so I pulled it. Wrapped it in a faux cambro for 3+hours. A few days later I realized my thermometer was not calibrated and was about 10 degrees off. Lesson learned.
Tonight smoke is going to be very similar to my last attempt. With a few exceptions. Last time I used a homemade rub wich i just didnt think added as much flavor as I'd liked so tonight I'm using a base of Montreal steak seasoning and then adding some brown sugar and cayanne pepper.

Made an injection with some low sodium beef broth and Montreal steak seasoning. Got all this done around 1 this afternoon and will let it sit till in fridge till I start the smoke at around 3 am.
Il throw a few photos up from my iPhone of the prep work. And of coarse during and the finished product.
If there are any criticism I am open to hear any and all.
Thanks for reading and wish me luck.
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