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Originally Posted by shucker View Post
I own 2 bge's, and I have cooked on an akorn. I dont think they are in the same league, but is an akorn a good product for the price? sure it is. I dont think people who buy an akorn actually expect that they are getting the same product as a bge. Just like people who buy this pellet grill wont expect the same product as a gmg.

Ironically, I feel just the opposite. I used to own 2 big green eggs and I sold them and bought an Akorn. I don't feel like the eggs are in a different league at all. I think they are just heavier and that subconsciously conveys a feeling a quality that somehow makes people forget they are extremely fragile, difficult to clean out ash, hard to move, inefficient with charcoal (compared to Akorn), get hot as heck on the outside (compared to Akorn), the top vent rusts, the top vent adjusts when you lift the lid, the top vent falls off completely if you left the lid to fast, the gasket burns off on like the first 5 cooks, the charcoal grate clogs on long cooks, the firebox cracks, the bolts loosen on the hinge over time, that crazing may be "normal" but it still looks bad, that side shelves should not be a 100 dollar option, etc.

Big green eggs hold better low temps, have WAY better name brand recognition and resale value, and have a lifetime warranty if the ceramics happens to crack for no apparent reason (that's all that covered on that warranty, by the way, just when stuff cracks for no reason.) They are also a lot of fun to cook on but they are NOT in a completely different class than the Akorn. They just cost a lot more.

I feel like egg owners tend to be extremely biased towards their cookers and it blinds them from the shortcomings. They aren't bad grills but they are definitely no more special than the Akorn.
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