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Originally Posted by jmoney7269 View Post
Your a purist obviously, and some are not, like me. My opinion on this is simply "work smarter not harder" and if you dont wanna, then don't, it's your choice. I for one love loading my charcoal pits once and doing all the cooking which has yielded us many trophies. I see guys all the time bringing in truck beds full of wood and I do a whole comp on one 20 lb bag of lump and some wood chunks with 2 cookers. I got some good advise from Harvey Gebhard a while back and he told me that the more you win with your easy laid back style of cooking, the more people are gonna fuss and push your buttons, call you a cheater but at the same time try to shigg all they can. But just smile when they are in the back of the crowd when your walkin up to get your prize money.
Smarter, more efficient, less work.....yes. Absolutely. It just cracks me up some of the outfits I see that look more like bombs and spaceships than bbq pits....
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