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Is lookin for wood to cook with.
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Being from Michigan we grew up calling our grill, or anybodys grill, a barbaque or BBQ. It was only when I lived down south that I learned I was actually "grilling out" and not Barbaqing when using the gasser. Now that I am a Bar-B-Que ninja, I have learned that as long as it is smokey and meaty, I will probably gnaw on it untill it is gone, especially if it is barbecued until fall of the bone or probe tender or done when it's done. But I would rather smoke it myself.. I usually call that a party, invite my family over and BBQ us a good old time...

also I grilled prime new York strips and lobster tails for my pretty little lady tonight. I did throw a chunk of apple on the hot coals. Was I bbqing? I don't think she cared...
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