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Question Low temperatures in new UDS build

Hi all,

I've just finished my first UDS build, and fired it up after a seasoning burn. I found that the temperatures achieved were well below what I was expecting.

To get to a 350f grill temperature, I had to have all 4 of my 3/4" nipples wide open.

The lid is the standard one from a Weber kettle, with the vents wide open. The ambient temperature was 30f, and the whole charcoal bed was alight.

Adding a heat-deflecting plate a couple of inches above the brazier dropped the grill temperature by 120f.

The only things that I can think of that could restrict the temperature are: the ash pan sides obstruct the direct path between nipple and brazier; and the brazier sides are perforated metal, not expanded metal.

Any advice much appreciated.
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