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Originally Posted by Cayman1 View Post
Yep, that's it. Simply put, the pid part means this controller learns your cooker and how long the fan needs to blow to raise the temp. I don't mess with the pid part, just use the default "set temp".
Actually PID parameters are set and that's how they work. The PID tuning loop does not learn the pit. That's why some of the old pit controllers would get "Integral windup" and have a big spike every once in a while. Unless you had a temp alarm, you would never know. The only way a PID controller learns your pit is if it has an adaptive algorithm or fuzzy logic like the auber products.

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They act like fluffer on a p0rn0 movie set. Just enough windy to keep the fire hot
Fark your good! Bout the best explanation a man could possibly hear lol
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