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Started with a free drum that didn't have a lid, then I bought a drum, made a flat top uds with one shelf and fridge magnets for vents, then my son wanted one so we burned out the barrel, then we found a weber on cl, but it was too nice, so we bought another weber on cl, then I put one ball valve and 2 capped pipe nipples, then I decided I wanted 3 ball valves.

So my one uds from a free drum that was going to cost me only $50 turned into 2 uds and 3 weber kettles, with probably a total of $300-$400.

Buy I don't feel bad.

I have a buddy that wanted to build an offset smoker. Told his wife he was going to spend $700. $7,000 later and still adding to it he has a very nice BBQ trailer.
Silver UDS with weber lid, UDS #2 black with a weber lid, 1995 Treager pellet grill, 22.5 Weber

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