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Default Vending Trailer vs Competition Trailer

Howdy my fellow Brethren members. I have a question regarding trailers. I am going to be retiring in the next few months and will be taking up vending BBQ. I currently compete with my brother, Don as Pork Patrol BBQ. Don purchased an Extreme Trailer to use as a competition trailer along with some vending. The trailer I plan on purchasing will be used mostly as a vending trailer. I plan on becoming a carnie rat and travel throughout the summer vending at carnivals and fairs. My question to the group is what type of trailer do you believe would best fit my venture. I currently cook with a CookShack FEC100 and a newly purchased Rebel 28. I would like your opinions on what type of equipment I should have installed in the trailer such as vents, sinks and gas line's pre-run. All suggestions will be looked at as I am pretty new at the vending thing. I currently cater as a part-time job but haven't worked out of a vending trailer for a long time.Thanks in advance. Oh, yea, my pockets are not lined with gold, so I won't be buying a new smoker for quite a while. Thanks
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